“I was not looking for Linda, but Linda found me”

Linda has found me on numerous occassions during my fundraising career and everytime it takes me by surprise! 

Linda works in accounts or admin, sometimes in technical support and occassionally in her own office with their name upon the door. 

Sometimes Linda is a man…

Linda knows a lot of people and is well respected.  If you want to know where the latest tax expenses are filed, where the new consignment of staples are stored, which circuit breaker is the most suitable for the new consumer unit being launched or even what the marketing strategy is for a global conglomerate from 2010 onwards – Linda’s your gal.

Linda understands your cause, she empathises with it, she may be personally affected by it or she may know someone who is.  There are many reasons why she may champion your charity above and beyond another but the most important factor is it is her choice, she controls who she supports and is able to convince others to join her.

Perhaps the not for profit sector could try taking out a classified ad?

“Never stop looking, never stop looking for Linda”

Hue and Cry 1989 UK no 15


‘Simple’ fundraising is based on the concept of ‘less is more’ and that efficiency and effectiveness are paramount.  Every minute is spent working smarter and all unnecessary aspects that accumulate when raising funds are eliminated.  This strategy is particularly appropriate when adopted by a small lean team, as there is limited resource and the department is highly accountable. It is an approach that could also benefit larger charities.  Many charities could benefit from taking a leaner approach to their own fundraising as it does not always follow that you have to spend money to make money. 

Simple fundraising requires strong communication – primarily to potential and current supporters.  It is about communicating effectively and targeting those supporters who will bring value to the charity, be that financial or in terms of brand value. 

It’s never been easier to communicate – there is an abundance of free platforms to reach out and touch supporters.  To communicate with them instantly and to get instant feedback.

In every healthy relationship communication is key and communication is a two-way street.

How do you communicate your fundraising message?

‘Our culture is changing on a fundamental level away from relying on physical goods. While we will always have to sleep and eat, most of the thriving businesses that cross my radar are focused around digital distribution of digital goods’ Everett Bogue from ‘far beyond the stars’

The world as we know it is changing , just ten years ago only the select few had an internet connection and broadband was a luxury rather than a staple household item. 

There have been key moments in this digital revolution.  E-mail, eBay, blogging and social networking to name but a few.  First we had MySpace (remember that?), Facebook (a few others in-between – but easily forgettable), Twitter and now in 2010 Google Buzz… where will it end?

It won’t end…virtual reality is becoming everyday reality.  We communicate instantly with people all across the globe who we have never met and are unlikely ever to meet.  We do not need to meet them they are as virtual as the world they exist in – but they bring huge benefits to the lives we lead and the work we do. 

Digital products will play a vital part in the future of not for profit organisations.  From online gaming to ‘In memoriam’ online – it’s a time of opportunity for the sector to reduce costs whilst communicating  efficiently with supporters and adding value to their offer 24 hours a day in the comfort of the supporters home.

The digital generation is every charity’s next generation of supporters… communicate with them now and keep them forever!